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  HXTGLOVES is the leading safety gloves manufacturer in China。 We specialize in developing and manufacturing safety gloves for more than 20 years。Our quality management system is certified by ISO 9001 and our factory is audit by BSCI。 Most of our products get CE certificates of EU。


We own three production bases covered a total area of 350,000 square meters。 We have over 2800 employees, 9000 automatic knitting machines, 20 dipping gloves production lines and 24 sets of dotted machines, providing to the market more than 850 million pairs of safety gloves every year。 In addition, we produce annually30,000 tons of cotton yarn with 64 air spinning production lines and 40,000 tons of polyester fiber with 2 polyester fiber production lines, which are used for glove production。


We are a fully integrated glove manufacturer with well-established horizontal product system and vertical production system. Having a R&D center which focused on creativity and innovationand a team whichhas professional knowledge and skills of rubber polymer, we possess advanced product innovation ability and technological research ability. Our company has a complete industry chain production system, taking full control over our self-owned upper-stream chemical fiber plants,spinning plants,gloves knittings and production of all kinds of coated glove、PVC dotted glove and laminated latex glove.


To cater to the various requirements of safety gloves, we offer thirteen glove selections covering hundreds of glove products. Our product range includescut resistance gloves, nitrile sandy coated gloves, latex sandy coated gloves, nitrile foam coated gloves, winter gloves, nitrile smooth coated gloves, latex foam coated gloves, latex crinkle coated gloves, PU coated gloves, Latex smooth coated gloves, laminated latex gloves, PVC dotted gloves, string knit gloves etc.


HXTGLOVES aims to provide peoplethe best hand safety protection and become the best partner of global PPE brands and distributors.

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